Interested parties

Interested parties in a coronial investigation are people or organisations the coroner considers to have a particular interest in the investigation. Under the Coroners Act 2006, this interest needs to be more than, or different to, the interest of a member of the general public.

Interested parties are formally notified if any significant matters arise during the investigation, such as if the Chief Coroner decides to initiate an inquiry. Interested parties can request further details about the attacks and, if they think that there are issues or concerns that haven’t been resolved by the court process or the Royal Commission of Inquiry, they can let the Chief Coroner know. Later in the process, if an inquest hearing is held, interested parties may also have the chance to be involved in the hearing.

Applying to be an interested party

Groups, organisations or individuals who are not family members of the Shaheed or victims of gunshot wounds will need to apply to become an interested party.

Apply to become an interested party [DOCX, 72 KB]

Once you’ve filled in the form, email it to the Office of the Chief Coroner at The Chief Coroner will consider your application and let you know the outcome.

You DO NOT need to fill in the application form if:

  • you’re a family member of a Shaheed
  • you’re a victim or parents of a child victim of gunshot wounds. (If you want to register as an interested party, please email the Office of the Chief Coroner at or call 0800 88 88 20.

Large groups or organisations seeking to be interested parties

If there’s a large group of people seeking to be interested parties, the group can apply through a representative. If this applies to you, you need to agree among yourselves on a representative. This person can then apply to become an interested party on behalf of the group. The same applies for organisations.

Apply to become an interested party [DOCX, 72 KB]

Other ways to keep up to date

You don’t need to be an interested party to be kept up to date with the Chief Coroner’s investigation. You can find out what’s happening at any time by visiting this website at masjid attacks coronial process.

More about interested parties

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