Legal aid

Legal aid funding is now available for the masjid attacks coronial inquiry. Legal aid is government funding used to help people pay for a lawyer. The lawyer works for you, so they will act independently for you and are bound by the usual lawyer-client confidentiality rules.

You can also choose which lawyer you want to use, and you can change lawyers if you would like.

Legal aid is free for families of the Shaheed, victims of gunshot wounds and witnesses present at the masjidain. Other registered interested parties who are individuals may need to pay some of the legal aid back. This will depend on your financial circumstances.

As legal aid funding was not available for the early stages of a coronial process, the Ministry of Justice funded a small number of lawyers to provide free legal advice and support. This was in recognition of the unique circumstances of this case. These lawyers can still represent you under legal aid.

Legal aid is not available for organisations.

Finding a lawyer to represent you

If you would like a lawyer to represent you through the coronial inquiry, you can find:

Make sure you speak to the lawyer about whether they are available to represent you and how to apply for legal aid.

You can find some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about legal aid.

Lawyers providing representation to families of the Shaheed, victims of gunshot wounds, and witnesses

The Ministry has previously funded a small number of lawyers to provide legal representation to families of the Shaheed, victims of gunshot wounds, and witnesses. These lawyers are still available to represent you under legal aid funding. Contact details for Aarif Rasheed, Anne Toohey, Joshua Shaw, Kathryn Dalziel and Nigel Hampton QC are:

Contact Aarif:

  • Phone: +64 21 29 555 49
  • Email: |
  • PO Box 16-072, Auckland 1351, New Zealand

Contact Anne:

  • Phone: +64 21 248 0820
  • Email:
  • Post: PO Box 9344, Tower Junction, Christchurch 8149, New Zealand

Contact Joshua:

  • Phone: +64 21 038 5617
  • Email:
  • Post: PO Box 4341 or DX WX11179, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand

Nigel and Kathryn are working as a team, you can contact them at:

  • Phone: +64 21 806 002
  • Email:
  • Post: DX WX 11109, Christchurch, New Zealand


  • Phone: +64 21 141 1996
  • Email:
  • Post: PO Box 4582, Christchurch, 8140, New Zealand

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