Objection to post mortem [PDF, 512 KB]

Use this form to tell the coroner that you object to a post mortem being performed.

Request for return of body parts or body samples [PDF, 507 KB]

Use this form to ask the coroner to release any body tissue samples to you.

Request for access to individual coronial records [PDF, 737 KB]

Use this form to ask for copies of information held on coronial records

Request for coronial information – authorisation to access information (IRF-3) [PDF, 317 KB]

This form must be filled in by an immediate family member or a representative of the deceased, authorising the requester to access information, other than the findings, witness statements or depositions

Request for coronial information – validation of identity and relationship (IRF-4) [PDF, 388 KB]

Use this form if you want to request any of the following documents: post mortem report, any medical reports, patient notes, toxicology report, photographs of the deceased, or suicide note

Request for coronial information – documents required (IRF-2) [PDF, 402 KB]

Use this form to say which documents you would like to be released to you

Application for exemption under section 71A of the Coroners Act 2006(external link)

Use this form to apply for an exemption to make information on a suicide public

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