The Coroners Court is made up of the Chief Coroner and up to 20 coroners, with support from the Coronial Services Unit at the Ministry of Justice.

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The Coroners Court is governed by the Coroners Act 2006. The Coroners Act 2006:

  • appointed a Chief Coroner and up to 20 legally qualified full-time coroners 
  • set up the Coronial Services Unit within the Ministry of Justice
  • clarified the way coroners and other agencies investigate unexpected deaths 
  • made training across the country more consistent 
  • improved timeliness and standardised our procedures 
  • stipulated which deaths must be reported to the coroner 
  • ensured we recognise the cultural and spiritual needs of the dead person’s families 
  • improved ways of dealing with inquiries and inquests
  • gave the public better access to information.

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