Findings of public interest

This page has links to the coroner’s findings for some cases that are of significant public interest.

Epilepsy Joint Inquiry: Medication brand switch [PDF, 17 MB]

Te Hawiki Hona Kiri TE AMO (CSU-2018-HAM-000443) [PDF, 3.9 MB]

Christie Alexis Lesley MARCEAU (CSU-2011-AUK-001471) [PDF, 12 MB]

Moko Sayviah RANGITOHERIRI (CSU-2015-ROT-000302) [PDF, 2 MB]

Canterbury Earthquake – CTV Building inquiry

Neville Ian ANDERSON (CSU-2014-DUN-000365) [PDF, 142 KB]

Kelly Marie FITZGERALD (CSU-2009-ROT-00369) [PDF, 98 KB]

Scott Grahame GUY (CSU-2010-PNO-261) [PDF, 409 KB]

Grant Charles CORNELIUS (CSU-2011-AUK-001161) [PDF, 235 KB]

Suzanne Claudia FERGUSON (CSU-2010-WHG-000160) [PDF, 210 KB]

John Roderick MCINNES (CSU-2010-WHG-000188) [PDF, 194 KB]

Carlos Frederick MENDOZA (CSU-2010-WHG-000185) [PDF, 205 KB]

Willem Lambertus VAN DER PASCH (CSU-2011-HAM-000424) [PDF, 215 KB]

Kenneth David LOW (CSU-2010-WGN-000580) [PDF, 70 KB]

Shane Hasan Francis Sharif KOTUHI (CSU-2011-WGN-000217) [PDF, 73 KB]

Sonny Hone WAIHI (CSU-2012-PNO-000573) [PDF, 90 KB]

Deane Geffrey Trevor WILSON (CSU-2013-WGN-000193) [PDF, 77 KB]

Carroll v Coroners Court at Auckland ([2013] NZHC 906) [PDF, 304 KB]

Gravatt v Coroners Court at Auckland ([2013] NZHC 390 - 4 March 2013) [PDF, 1.1 MB]

If the finding you want isn’t here

If the finding you want isn’t here, you can search on the NZLII website for cases that were opened after 1 July 2007.

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