Documents relevant to the masjid attacks coronial inquiry

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WARNING: The Minutes and the Evidential Overviews contain details about a terror attack that some readers may find disturbing or upsetting. Some material may not be suitable for younger audiences and adult supervision is recommended.

Please consider your own and the wellbeing of those with you if you're reading these reports. If you're feeling upset or distressed, do reach out for support. You'll find wellbeing support information on the Wellbeing support page.

Minute of Judge Marshall as to the Scope of the Inquiry

On 28 October 2021, the Chief Coroner released a Minute setting out what issues may be looked into as part of the coronial inquiry. A simplified summary of the Minute, or Aid to the Minute, is also available.

Read the Minute on the scope of the coronial inquiry [PDF, 720 KB]

Read the Aid to Minute of Judge Marshall on the scope of the coronial Inquiry [PDF, 66 KB]

Translations of the Aid to the Minute are also available on the Languages and Translation Support page.

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Evidential overviews

During their criminal investigation into the masjid attacks, the Police gathered information about the circumstances of the deaths. Some of that information was talked about and shared in court at the sentencing. The Police have prepared two overview reports, called Evidential Overviews:

  • General Evidential Overview report. This document sets out the key points from the Police investigation. It includes a timeline of events and describes how the Police and Ambulance services responded. This document is available to all interested people and can be downloaded from the Ministry of Justice website at:

      Evidential overview for Christchurch masjid attacks(external link)

  • Victim Evidential Overview report. There is a different Victim Evidential Overview report prepared for each of the Shaheed. Each Victim Evidential Overview report is only given to the families of that person – it won't be given to anyone else.

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Additional information available on request

There are some reports relevant to the masjid attacks coronial inquiry which the coroner has decided not to publish on the website out of respect for the wishes of families of the Shaheed. These include:

  • A report by Dr Hick, a medical expert supporting the coroner, on the medical response to the masjid attacks; and
  • A first responder timeline prepared by New Zealand Police.

Coronial inquiries, and some information associated with these, are generally public. This is because of the nature of New Zealand’s law system and the importance of open justice to this system.

This means that you can request a copy of the above reports and the coroner will make a decision on whether to provide you with this information.

To request a copy of either of these reports, contact Coronial Services by emailing or phoning 0800 88 88 20.

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Memorandum of Counsel for B Tarrant

Brenton Tarrant has submitted a memorandum to the Chief Coroner Judge Marshall, via his legal counsel, about the coronial inquiry so far, and the scope hearing to be held in December 2021. 

The memorandum and Judge Marshall's response to it are available below:

Memorandum of Counsel for Brenton Tarrant: Issues into the Inquiry [PDF, 114 KB]

Response from the Chief Coroner [PDF, 196 KB]