Change in Coroner FAQs

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On this page, you'll find answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the change in coroner for the masjid attacks coronial process.

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About the change in coroner

Will the change in coroner affect the process?

No. Processes already set up by the Chief Coroner will continue. Information already provided to families of the Shaheed and interested parties has not changed.

Does the change in coroner mean the coronial process will start again?

No, the current process will continue.

Does an inquiry automatically mean there will be an inquest?

No. The coroner decides whether an inquest is required as a part of conducting their inquiry.

Is there a transition period between the coroners?

No. Chief Coroner Judge Marshall will continue to work on the coronial investigation until Coroner Brigitte Windley becomes the responsible coroner. Coroner Windley is already preparing to take over the investigation by working closely with the Chief Coroner.