Christchurch mosque attacks

Statement from Chief Coroner Judge Deborah Marshall on the Inquiry into the Masjid attacks

On 14 December 2020 I corresponded with families of the 51 victims and other interested parties about the coronial inquiry.

I am currently working with the NZ Police to deliver information packs to those interested parties who have requested them. This information relates to the cause and circumstances of how their loved ones died, and includes an Evidential Overview with a general level of detail about the event, as well as family-specific information about how their loved one died.

Read the Evidential Overview [PDF, 1.7 MB] 

The purpose of the Coroners Court is to establish the facts of how someone died and, where possible, make recommendations for how similar deaths could be prevented in the future.

The Coroners Court and NZ Police Family Liaison Officers will continue working together to resolve any issues and provide as much information as possible that falls within the coronial jurisdiction. If there are any issues that cannot be resolved through this information sharing process, an inquest may follow.

Judge Deborah Marshall
Chief Coroner

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